Pegged to Bitcoin

An elastic supply cryptocurrency pegged to the price of Bitcoin and governed by the Badger DAO.

Hedge BTC Volatility

Digg's rebase of supply is distributed on a 10 day rolling period, based on the direction Bitcoin price is moving, it can be used to hedge against a known increase or decrease in BTC price.

Go Long Bitcoin

Unlike other elastic supply cryptocurrencies, Digg does not try and be stable. Instead it's always working to peg against the current value of Bitcoin. It's price is intended to mimic BTC.

How It Works

Elastic Supply

Across all wallets, the total supply is adjusted based on demand to reflect the pegged price of Bitcoin.

Daily Rebase

If the price is above the USD value of BTC that day the rebase is positive and balances increase, if the price is below, the rebase is negative and balances decrease.

Non Dilutive

This means DIGG is non-dilutive. Like Bitcoin, if you own 1% of the overall network you will always own 1% unless you actively make a transfer.


The process repeats every day and is built into the DIGG protocol. Making it’s rules transparent and equal for everyone.

Digg is truly owned by the Badger community and token holders.

Digg will launch its token through a liquidity mining event. Prior to its launch the control of the protocol will be given to the Badger DAO.

To kick off the launch 15% of the supply will be airdropped to Badger app users.

40% of the total Digg supply will be mined by the community with no ability for new Digg to be minted outside of the programatic rebases.

The remaining 40% will be distributed to the DAO for the community to decide what to do with it.

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